Monday, 16 July 2012

Malaysian at Sanderson, London

For me, food comes first, then every other thing in life. (Sorry friends and family) I think this blog has been long coming mainly because I eat too much great food to keep it all to myself. It needs to be shared in whatever way possible and hell, this is the only way I could think of. I'll be revealing all the super great spots I know while you also follow me on my journey to finding even more great food.  Lets get this show on the road........

Malaysian food is not something I've ever experimented with. Not because I wasn't up for it, but because I've never come across it. The restaurant at Sanderson hotel, Suka has to be one of my best so far because it literally takes you to another atmosphere. You can forget about the outside world for the amount of time it takes you to finish AND digest your food (which is a very long time for me). The service is great, the interior is gorgeous but one factor that didn't go down well with me were their damn portions. You know what they say, the pricier the menu, the smaller goes in your belly. No one really says that but its something I've noticed along my gluttony journey. But this girl right here likes to eat, and likes to eat big and frankly, I don't appreciate little meals. 
I did appreciate the fact that Suka's menu literally offers a culinary journey though the streets of Malaysia. It's one thing to enjoy the food, its another to appreciate the culture of where the food originates which I think is very important.
People who know me know that I can't eat food thats not pipping hot for shit. This is one of the few restaurants where I haven't had to ask for my food to be rewarmed. It makes things a little more convenient because when I see my food, I just want to attack it. Might sound a little diva-ish, but whats the point in eating something when you won't enjoy it. 

It was a great meal and an experience I will recommend to everyone. 

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  1. You look awesome on your outfit!!!!!!!!!!!

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